General Info

Skinning is the gathering of hides for Arcanecraft

Skinning requires a knife
You can buy knives from Roki - Woodsman in Pokari City.

You get hides from a monster Corpse.
You do not get hides from monsters you kill.

Finding hides

Go outside the city.
Click on the Destination List button on the minimap.
Scroll through the list of presets and look for the Corpses
Double-click on the Corpse name to add the Corpse to the Destination list on the right
Double-click on the Corpse name to auto-route to the Corpse

There will be multiple Corpses in the area.

Skinning Information

Skinning Level Material Corpse Tool Tool Cost Skinning XP
1 Pelt Jaqisac Hopper Corpse
Blueback Knuckler Corpse
Novice Knife 75 bronze +10
2 (150xp) Rawhide Stout Tiger Corpse
Timberline Bruinfist Corpse
Firemane Bull Corpse
Apprentice Knife 2 silver 75 bronze +15
3 (2750xp) Roughhide Cloudwisk Captain Corpse
Giant Gator Corpse
Tusko Rampager Corpse
Gatheer's Pickax 2 silver 75 bronze
4 (14750xp) Bottom-split Leather Worker Knife 2 silver 50 bronze
Expert Knife 2 silver 25 bronze
Master Knife 2 silver 25 bronze
Item Level Materials Needed/Item Material/Knife
15 1 Hide 3 Pelts/Novice Knife
30 2 Rawhide 3 Rawhide/Apprentice Knife
45 2 Rawhide + 1 Pelt
60 3 Roughhide
75 3 Roughhide + 1 Pelt
90 2 Bottom-split Leather + 1 Roughhide
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