General Info

Foraging is the gathering of plants for Herbalism, Cooking and Petcraft

Foraging requires a scythe.
You can buy scythes from Roki - Woodsman in Pokari City.

Finding a plant

Go outside the city.
Click on the Destination List button on the minimap.
Scroll through the list of presets and look for the plants.
Double-click on the plant name to add the plant to the Destination list on the right
Double-click on the plant name to auto-route to the plant.

Mining Information

Foraging Level Material Location Tool Tool Cost Foraging XP
1 Nettle Novice Scythe 15 bronze +2
2 (150xp) Cotton Apprentice Scythe 55 bronze
3 (2750xp) Broccoli Gatheer's Scythe 55 brzone
4 (14750xp) Cranberry Worker Scythe 50 bronze
Expert Scythe 45 bronze
Master Scythe 45 brzone
Item Level Materials Needed/Item Material/Pickax
15 2 Nettle 3 Nettle/Novice Scythe
30 4 Cotton Apprentice Scythe
45 6 Cotton
60 6 Broccoli + 2 Nettle Gatherer Scythe
75 8 Broccoli + 2 Cotton
90 8 Cranberry + 2 Broccoli Worker Scythe
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