General Info

There are four Gathering Skills:
Mining - gather materials for Guardiancraft andPetcraft
Woodcutting - gather materials for Scoutcraft
Skinning (aka Hunting) - gather materials for Arcanecraft
Foraging - gather materials for Herbalism, Cooking and Petcraft

There are six Crafting Skills:
Guardiancraft - make Heavy Armor, Spears, Hammers
Scoutcraft - make Medium Armor, Bows, Daggers
Arcanecraft - make Light Armor, Amulets, Staffs
Herbalism - make Health and stat potions
Cooking - make Mana and stat potions
Petcraft - make Pet Bells and Pet food

Learning Vocation Skills

Players can have TWO active vocation skills.

It costs 10 bronze to learn a Gathering skill from Rokiu
It costs 50 bronze to learn a Crafting skill from Bolo
It costs 1 gold to learn Petcraft from Molon

Gathering skills are learned by talking to Roki - Woodsman in Pokari City.
All crafting skills except for Petcraft are learned by tlaking to Bolo - Craftsman in Pokari City
Petcraft is learned by talking to Molon - Book Merchant in Gau's Fazenda

You can Forget vocation skills to learn new skills.
If you Forget a vocation skill you lose all experience in that vocation skill and any recipes
you've learned for that vocation skill

To Forget a vocation skill:
1) Press [O] key to open the Crafting window
2) Select the skill you want to Forget
3) Click on the Forget button in the upper left corner of the Crafting window

Vocation Skills and Levels

You get vocation experience each time you use a vocation skill.
Every time you use woodcutting, you get woodcutting experience.
Every time you make an item with the Scoutcraft skill, you get Scoutcraft experience.

Each time you level up a gathering skill, you are able to gather more advanced materials.
Each time you level up a crafting skill, you are able to use more advanced recipes.

Gathering more advanced materials or making more advanced items will earn more
vocation experience per attempt.

Level 2 = 150 vocation xp
Level 3 = 2750 vocation xp
Level 4 = 14,750 vocation xp

Crafting Recipes

You can buy most recipes from Bolo in Pokari City.
Molon in Gau's fazenda sells Petcraft recipes.

Recipes also drop in the instances or dungeons.

Recipes can be purchased from Minister Wehn in Pokari City using Regional Reputation.
You get Regional Reputation by turning in Diplomatic Items to the Gaap Lands Reputation Agent in Pokari City.
You can also get Regional Reputation by turning in stacks of Soulstones to Wehn.

Advantages of Crafting

Making an item yourself is cheaper than buying the same item from a merchant.
Crafted items will have better stats than store bought items.
There are some items that can only be crafted and not bought.
All the level 25 AOE Ethyrs have to be crafted.

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