<Amazingly Not Smart>
Fail the Training quest Test of Wisdom 10 times
The NPC will give you the title
You still have to pass the Test of Wisdom

<Pushover> or <No Dupers>
Do the Fun quest Request from Sword Keeper
Collect the 99 Boa Skins
Give the skins to Wath to get <Pushover> title
Give the skins to Sword Keeper? to get <No Dupers> title

<Gorilla's Fear>
complete the Basic quest Insomina (available at level 15)

<Lady Killer>
complete the Heroic quest Assassin's Weapon (available at level 15)

<Captain Oveur>
complete Fun quest Skyward Ho! from General Scruffins
Orville and Wilbur, 1903, North Carolina, France

<Feed on Tigers>
complete Transcendent quest Butcher Legend and Me

<Roman Senator>
complete Fun quest Birth of a City from General Scruffins
Romulus and Remus, Vultures, Aventine Hill, Neptune

<Spirit of St. Louis>

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