Wu's Notebook

Start this quest by talking to the Goddess of Mercy.
You will automatically be transported to Pokari City.

Enter Dream - Trials

Talk to Chauncy - Adventure Dispatch
Take Adventure Register option to open Adventure Register Window
Dream - Trials will automatically be selected
Click on [Enter Queue] button in lower right corner of Adventure Register Window
Click on [Confirm]
Click on [Yes]
You will be transported to Dream - Trials instance

After you get into the Dream - Trials instance, summon your pet

Talk to Jino to get the Demon Hunter! quest
Talk to Jino again and get the Imbue Gear!, Transformation! and Shining Pet Egg quests

Adventure Quest: Imbue Gear!

Talk to Jino after accepting the Demon Hunter! quest
Talk to Zaar
Select Quest related —> Imbue Gear!
You will get an Etherlic, Etherlaced Crystal and Odd Weapon
Reward: 1580xp

Talk to Zaar and select Embed/Imbue Gear option
In the Embed/Imbue Window put the Odd Weapon in the Gear slot and the Etherlic in the Relic/Gem slot
Click on [Start] button to Imbue
Talk to Zaar —> Quest Related —> Imbue Gear! Turn in Weapon
Reward: 1580xp

Adventure Quest Chain: Transformation!

Talk to Jino after accepting the Demon Hunter! quest
Go north and kill Golden Warriors until you get a Golden Warrior card drop
Once you have a Golden Warrior card go and talk to Sun Wukong
Reward: 1580xp

Now open your Bag and right-click on the Golden Warrior card
The Transform Window will open
Click on Golden Warrior icon at the bottom
Talk to Hoggy —> Trick Hoggy
Reward: 1580xp

Adventure Quest: Shining Pet Egg

Talk to Jino after accepting the Demon Hunter! quest
Go south to the Silver Warriors
You want to lead a Silver Warrior into one of the traps to the south
On the Pet menubar, click on the word Attack and switch to Idle so pet doesn't kill Silver Warrior
Hit a Silver Warrior with a normal attack then stop attacking
Go south and make sure Silver Warrior is following you
You may have to stop a couple times so Silver Warrior can keep up with you
The traps look like a whirling mud pit
When the Silver Warrior gets into a trap it will turn into a Silver Net
Pick up the Silver Net
Go back to the Silver Warriors and attack one with two normal attacks
Do not kill the Silver Warrior
Open your Bag and click on the Silver Net to capture the Silver Warrior
An egg will appear in your Bag
Go back to the NPCs and talk to Cloud Colt
Rewards: 1580xp

Adventure Quest: Demon Hunter!

Make sure you have transformed into a Golden Warrior
Go east from the NPCs and look for the Burningeye Demon
You can easily solo the Burningeye Demon as a Golden Warrior
Don't forget to pick up Wu;s Notebook
Talk to Jino
Reward: 3160xp

You are basically done.

If you want you can capture another Silver Warrior and use that as a second Pet.
You can get another Golden Warrior card.
When you want to leave the instance go and talk to Jino.

For now let's go back home.
Renzu —> Fort Phoenix 2
Shenzu —> Eloquence Peak 2
Yaoh —> Ancestral Ruins 2

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