Starting Quests

Renzu: Fort Phoenix
Shenzu: Eloquence Peak
Yaoh: Ancestral Ruins

Complete these quests to get the following:
A starting weapon good until level 15
A starting set of armor good until level 15
Some minor health potions and pet health food

Wu's Notebook

Everybody gets the quest to Retrieve Wu's Notebook.
Talk to Jino and do his quests.

You will learn:
How to enter an instance
How to imbue a weapon
How to Transform
How to capture a Pet

Starting Quests 2

Return to your native city and finish up the starter quests.

Renzu: Fort Phoenix 2
Shenzu: Eloquence Peak 2
Yaoh: Ancestral Ruins 2

Each race will get a permanent Transform card with unlimited Transforms.
You get a second Pet.
You also start your quest to get the first glide gear, the Magic Cloud.

Pokari City Quests

Continue the Training Quests in Pokari City.
Get your first Glide Gear, the Magic Cloud
Learn a vocation.
Get the level 15 Ethyr skill.

Continue to do quests until you get to level 15.
There is a lot to do in Pokari City.
Do quests from the Pokari Bulletin Board.

At level 15, continue to do the training quests.
Get the ability to capture pets.
Do the second Dragonkin quest, Capture for Dawn/Dusk

Ziola also has a Trial Quest for you.

Begin the race specific Fate Quests:
Renzu: Renzu Fate Quests
Shenzu: Shenzu Fate Quests
Yaoh: Yaoh Fate Quests

See what other quests are available

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