Pokari City Quests 2

Get to level 15

Learn your Ethyr skill
Add points to your Elemental Affinities
Upgrade to a level 15 weapon and level 15 armor

Tame Wild Monsters into Pets

Talk to Ziola
Get a Sheep Rope
Go to Lornden's Treehouse and capture a sheep
Open your Bag
Attack a sheep
Click on the Sheep Rope in the Bag when the bag icon starts flashing
Talk to Ziola
Rewards: 5 Pet Net, Sheep Pet

Capture for Dawn/Dusk

Level 15
Complete the training quest Tame Wild Monsters into Pets
Complete A Decent Gift/A Nice Gift
Talk to Dawn/Dusk
Get a Sheep Rope
Capture a Sheep near Lornden's Treehouse
Give the Sheep to Dawn/Dusk
Rewards: 75k treasure, Star of the Dragon

Training Quest: Never Too Late to Change

Talk to Ziola
Return the Sheep to Lornden's Wife
Rewards: 2320xp, 5 Physic Powder

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