Pokari City Quests 1

Training Quest: Take to the Skies!

Go to the Sealstone in the middle of the Ruined Garrison
The Brimestone Bruiser will not attack you
Click on the Sealstone to get the Sealed Cloud

Training Quest: Unseal the Cloud

Talk to Ziola in Pokari City to get get the Magic Cloud glide gear

Taking Care of Business

Let's do some dialog only quests

1. Talk to Ziola and do [Introduction to Pokari]
2. Talk to Wath - Book Merchant and complete the Apocalypse quest

  • Renzu do [Silent Apocalypse of the Ren]
  • Shenzu do [Apocalypse of the Shenzu]
  • Yaoh do [Apocalypse of the Yaoh]

Training Quest: Nedles and Thread!

Get the Magic Cloud
Talk to Ziola
Use Magic Cloud to get Sewing Kit on top of buildiong behind Ziola
Lost Sewing Kit at (385, 521, 257)
Give Lost Sewing Kit to Ziola
Rewards: 513xp, 389t

Training Quest: Gathering

Get the Magic Cloud
Talk to Ziola

Gather 10 Phoenix Copper, SW of Pokari City
Gather 10 Kunlun Jade, north of Pokari City
Gather 10 Ancient Marble by Ancestral Ruins
Deliver items to Ziola
Rewards: 8550xp, 412t, 30 Biscuit

Training QuestChain : Heavenly Crafts!

1. Talk to Ziola
2. Quest: Learn from Bolo

  • Kill 30 Jaqisac Arsons
  • Talk to Bolo
  • Reward: 5 Novice Pickax

3. Quest: Learn from Roki

  • Kill 30 Sting Squad
  • Talk to Roki
  • Reward: 5 Novice Knife

4. Quest: Report to Ziola

  • Talk to Ziola
  • Reward: 5 Novice Scythe, 7770xp, 16s 48b

Training Quest Chain: Help the Pokari Minister

1. Talk to Ziola
2. Quest: Minister's Problem

  • Go to the Pokair Bulletin Board
  • Take the [Help the Pokari Minister - Minister's Problem]

3. Quest: Kill the Monsters

  • Kill 10 Aurelian Spirit
  • Kill 10 Sting Squad
  • Kill 10 Jaqisac Arsons
  • Talk to Wehn

Rewards: L15 Ethyr Skill, 7296xp, 459t

Maze of the Myriad chance to rreduce STR Oora Spell Rogue
Pollenpox chance to reduce Accuracy Widu Spell Shaman, maybe Ranger
Flight of the Sea Dragon chance to reduce Max Health Unda Spell Mystic, maybe Ranger/Conjurer
Essence of the Flame chance to reduce Resilience Pyr Spell Conjurer
Aur Tide chance to reduce Defense Erda Spell Dragoon

You can choose whatever you want, but it is probably best to pick something
that matches the natural Elemental Affinity of your class.
All L15 Ethyrs do the same base damage, but have a different secondary debuff.

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