Pokari City

Daily Events

These are scheduled events that happen each day.
You get Event Tokens which give you a lot of experience per token.
These events happen at 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm

There's also the Pokari Invasion at 7pm.

All times are EST for the East server or PST for the West server.

See: Daily Events

Daily quests

These quests can be done once every 24 hours.

Dream - Trial quests: Looking for Magic Fruit and The Stardust
Fairy Tale of the Moon/Star - big money reward
Jadeon - get a Jadeon from Wehn

See: Pokari Daily Quests

Pokari Bulletin Board

Pokari Bulletin Board quests become available at level 10.
At level 26, all Pokari Bulletin Board quests become unavailable.

There are a total of 67 quests available from the Pokari Bulletin Board.
All quests from the Bulletin Board are only available from certain levels.
Always take quests with colored text.

The most common quests are the Basic quests.
Heroic Quests (green) are uncommon.
Epic Quests (orange) and Transcendent Quests (purple) are rare.

See: Pokari Bulletin Board


Ziola is the main NPC for Training Quests.


Wehn is another major quest NPC.


The book merchant has a series of different quests to complete.

Hunting Quests

These are available from Roor the Hunter.

Trial Quests

These are lengthy, multi-step quests.

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces are a possible reward from doing Pokari Bulletin Board quests.
Complete sets of Puzzle Pieces can be handed in for various rewards.
Puzzle Pieces are also good items to sell to other players.

General Zurin - turn in Heavenly Horse for glide gear Propeller
Dweller of Vacuity - turn in Baahu Magebane set for Baahu Magebane pet
General Uree - turn in Tusko Rampager for a Possessor
General Zurin - turn in Heavenly Horse for Crowen Feather that teleports to Crowen - Psychic

Crowen is the NPC for the Diplomatic Quest.

See: Pokari Puzzle Quests

General Scruffins

General Scruffins has a series of quizes.
Each quiz can be tried once every 24 hours.
If you get a quiz correct, you also get awarded a title.
The correct answers are not always the "right" ones.

See: General Scruffins

Dragonkin Quests

Work with either Dawn Dragonkin or Dusk Dragonkin.

See: Dragonkin Quests

Fate Quests

These quests are race specific and are the main storyline quests.

See: Renzu Fate Quests
See: Shenzu Fate Quests
See: Yaoh Fate Quests

Crypt of Hunters Dungeon

This is the first dungeon, or instance.
You can solo starting at around level 20.
You will need a high level partner or party in order to kill the bosses.

This is not the same as the Crypt of Hunters located outside Pokari City.

See: Crypt of Hunters

Diplomatic Donations

Monsters will sometimes drop Diplomatic items.
These can be turned in for Gaap land reputation or used for the Siplomatic Quest.
Reputation can be used to purchase items from Wehn.

See: Diplomatic Items

Genealogy of All Species

These quests are available when you are Transformed into a specific monster family.
You need Bond, or monster reputation, to get these quests.
You get monster Bond by completing Pokari Bulletin Board quests.

See: Genealogy Quests

Diplomatic Quest

This is a lengthy quest given by Crowen.
You need at least glide gear to do these quests.
Some of the quests involve handing in 10 of a specific Diplomatic item.

See: Diplomatic Quest

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