Fort Phoenix Quests

Renzu start in Fort Phoenix.

The first thing you should do is use the [P] key to open the Pet Window.
Click on the [Summon] button to summon your pet.
This is so your pet starts to get experience.

Training Quest: Curtains Up!

Talk to the Goddess of Mercy to begin your journey.
Rewards: Pokari Royal Wine, 3 Etherlics

Pokari Royal Wine is a complete heal item.
Etherlics are used to Imbue an item//

Training Quest: Arrival of the Human Savior

Talk to the Goddess of Mercy again to get the next quest.
Talk to Lu Boni - Etherblade Master
Rewards: 20 experience (XP), 12 treasure (t)

Experience is going to be abbreviated xp
Treasure is one of the forms of currency in the game

Training Quest: New Weapon Against Evil

Quest Starter: Lu Boni
Task: Talk to Stash Keeper of the West
Rewards: 10xp, 38t, starting weapon

Use [B] key to open your Bag
Right-click on your weapon to equip it

Training Quest Chain: The Treasure of Heaven

Talk to the Stash Keeper

Now talk to the follwing NPCs:
1. Quest: Storehouse, talk to the Stash Keeper
2. Quest: Woodcutter!, talk to the Woodcutter
3. Quest: Kind-Hearted Blacksmith, talk to Dawi - Blacksmith
4. Quest: Fine Archer, talk to Kolan -Hunter
5. Quest: The Power of Herbs, talk to Kellas - Apothecary, get 5 minor health potions
6. Quest: The Guardian of Order, talk to Guard Tello
Rewards: 30xp, 25t

Training Quest Chain: Noxious Fumes

1. Talk to Guard Tello
2. Quest: Salt Lick Sally

  • Collect 3-Leaf Clover from Katsu Fox
  • Give 3-Leaf Clover to Salt Lick Sally
  • 3. Quest: Appreciation, Report to Guard Tello

Rewards: 133xp, Copper Bell

Train First Skill and Make a Skill Combo

1. Use the [K] key to open the Skill Window
2. Look for the skill icon with a plus sign in the lower right corner
3. Click on the skill to train so the skill is available for use
4. In the lower right corner of the skill window click on the [New] button
5. In the Combo Window add the icon for your first skill 3 to 6 times
6. Click on the [Save] button
7. Drag the Combo icon onto your hotbar (usually slot 3)

Now you can use the hotbar to fire off a chain of attacks instead of pressing
the hotbar for each attack.

Training Quest Chain: Introduction to Pets

1. Talk to Guard Tello
2. Quest: Hunter's Stolen Cane

  • Get Walking Cane from Mogwee Sprearkin
  • Give Walking Cane to Kolan - Hunter
  • Reward: 5 Pet Revival Scrolls

3. Quest: Construction Material

  • Collect 3 Wood from Tree Stump
  • Collect 3 Stone from Stone Outcropping
  • Deliver Wood and Stone to Kolan

Rewards: 348xp

Training Quest: A New Set of Armor

Talk to Kolan - Hunter
Kill 9 Blade Beetle
Talk to Miserly Merchant
Rewards: Level 5 helm, armor, shoes, 841xp, 77t

Training Quest: A Favor for Information

Talk to Miserly Merchant
Kill 15 Potsy Pokers
Talk to Lu Donbi
Rewards: 1521xp, 90t, 30 Pea Bean

Level 5 and Elemental Affinity

Starting at level 5 you can increase your Elemental Affinity.
Elemental Affinity increases spell damage and gives some minor attribute boosts.
You get 5 points to allocate at level 5.
Every 5 levels you get another 5 Elemental Affinity points.
You can never put more than half your level in a single Affinity.
Max Affinity = Level/2 rounded up.
At level 5, you can't put more than 3 points in a single Affinity.
You can either leave those points for later or allocate them to another Affinity.

Level 6 and Weapon Upgrade

Starting at level 6, you can use Spirit Points to upgrade your weapon.
You will be able to do this every 5 levels (11, 16, etc).

Training Quest: From the Beginning of All

Talk to the Goddess of Mercy
Choose Dawn Dragonkin or Dusk Dragonkin

Training Quest: Retrieve Wu's Notebook

Talk to Goddess of Mercy
You will automatically be transported to Pokari City
See: Wu's Notebook

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