Dragonkin Quests

A Decent Gift/A Nice Gift

Level 10

Get this quest from the Goddess of Mercy in your starting village
Talk to Dawn Dragonkin/Dusk Dragonkin at level 10.
Rewards: 50k treasure, Double EXP item

Capture for Dawn/Dusk

Level 15
Complete the training quest Tame Wild Monsters into Pets
Complete A Decent Gift/A Nice Gift
Talk to Dawn/Dusk
Get a Sheep Rope
Capture a Sheep near Lornden's Treehouse
Give the Sheep to Dawn/Dusk
Rewards: 75k treasure, Star of the Dragon

Jade for Dawn/Dusk

Level 25

Study on People

Level 35

Dawn/Dusk Ambition

Level 45
Karma over 0
get Karma from other players

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