Daily Events

Purify the Water

1. Talk to Lifeguard (423,512) by the Pokari Agent

2. Fun —> Purify the Water

  • Collect 3 Contaminated Water
  • Go to the river and lock for black rocks
  • Only one person can gather from the Contaminated Material
  • Contaminated Material takes about 15 seconds to respawn

3. Fun —> Waste Disposal

  • Give the Contaminated Material to the Lifeguard

Rewards: 2 event tokens
Raw jade of fog (L25 mystic)
event tokens = 36k each at L25

Pokari Feast! Drinks!

1. Talk to Drink Supplier (438,481), in the center arena
2. Fun Quest: Phoenix Wine, Get Phoenix Wine from God of Astral Light
3. Fun Quest: Eloquence Tea, Get Eloquence Tea from God of Longevity
4. Fun Quest: Ancestral Wine, Get Ancestral Wine from Stormrock the Instructor
5. Fun Quest: Deliver the Drinks, Talk to Drink Supplier
Reward: 2 Event Tokens
Godly Etherlic (L27 Mystic)

Harvest Season

NOTE: Make sure you have Glide Gear before doing this event

1. Talk to Pokari Decorator (419,512) by the Pokari Agent
2. Fun Quest: Ginseng Fruit, Gather 3 Ginseng Fruit

  • Ginseng Fruit spawns on the ground

3. Fun Quest: Delicious Apples, Gather 3 Apple, need Glide Gear

  • You have to fly up into the tree to get the Apples

4. Fun Quest: Crystal Peaches, Gather 3 Peach, need Glide Gear

  • You have to fly up into the tree to get Peaches

5. Fun Quest: Deliver the Fruit, Give Fruit to Pokari Decorator
Rewards: 2 Event Tokens
1 Raw Jade of Fog (L16 Shaman)

City Filled With Love

1. Talk to Medicine Supplier (436,481), center of Pokari City
2. Quest: Get the Supplies

  • Talk to Engineer's Wife

3. Get 6 Supply Packs

  • Supply Pack for Guard Mino, west gate
  • Supply Pack for Guard Su, west gate
  • Supply Pack for Guard Inko, east gate
  • Supply Pack for Guard Deen, east gate
  • Supply Pack for Guard Leon, south gate
  • Supply Pack for Guard Lon, south gate

4. Report to Medicine Supplier
Rewards: 2 event Tokens
L14 Rogue=1 Wine of Tenacity

Astral Spirit

You need Glide Gear to do this event

1. Talk to Dragon Descendant
2. Get on Glide Gear
3. Collect Shuah Soul (740, 540, 305) NE of Lotus Pool
4. Collect Hsuan Soul (712, 382, 305) south of Lotus Pool
5. Collect Thiah Soul (553, 377, 305) SE of Pokari City
6. Collect Chihn Soul (490, 490, 305) above East Gate of Pokari City
7. Collect Khung Soul (358, 562, 305) above NW corner of Pokari City
8. Collect Khiang Soul (197, 620, 305) east of Fort Phoenix
9. Collect Ihoken Soul (59, 565, 305) SW of Fort Phoenix
10. Master of Toirin

  • Give Souls to Master of Toirin
  • The Master wanders around Pokari City

Rewards: 2 Event Tokens, no item

Banner of Heaven

A special item will spawn that can be gathered by one of the gathering skills
The details on where and when the item will spawn is given as a server announcement
The special item gives a lot of pet experience


Event Tokens

Level Experience
9 6703 xp
10 11095 xp
14 14204 xp
16-17 16577 xp
23 30k xp
25-27 36k xp
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