Basic Quests: Pokari
Level Quest Task XP Rewards
10 Unruly Jaqisac Arsons Kill 25 Jaqisac Arsons 2250xp Beastkin Bond, 10 Bunny Hat (Diplomatic Item)
Tusko Rampager 1A
10 Disgusting Thieves Kill 25 Aurelian Spirit 2250xp Scalen Bond, Heavenly Horse 3B
no item
10 Insane Sting Squad Kill 25 Sting Squad 2250xp Elementa Bond, Tusko Rampager 3C
10 Delayed Fish Money Talk to Carp Fisherman 450xp Heavenly Horse 2B
10 Gloomy Mood Talk to Wu Cheng-en 450xp Tusko Rampager 2C
10 New Discovery Talk to Gracefall - Shenzu Lord 450xp no item
10 Appreciate the Waterfall Go and Look at Grace Fall 450xp Tusko Rampager 4D
10 Prevent the Conspiracy Kill 10 Jaqisac Arson
Kill 5 Aurelian Spirit
2250xp Scalen Bond, Beastkin Bond, unknown item
10 Fried Eggs Collect 5 Fried Eggs from Jaqisac Arsons 2250xp Beastkin Bond, no item
10 A Cure for Sunburn Collect 4 Frosty Needle from Sting Squad 720xp Elementa Bond, Tusko Rampager 1B
Tusko Rampager 2D
10 Invitation to Drink Talk to Disciple Todor 450xp Tusko Rampager 1A
10 Dispel Evil and Do Good Kill 9 Jaqisac Arsons
Kill 8 Aurelian Spirit
Kill 8 Sting Squad
2250xp Scalen Bond, Elementa Bond, 10 Small Brush (Diplomatic Item)
10 Almost the Deadline Time Limit 2 hours, 30 minutes
Deliver Cotton Load to God of Longevity
2250xp Tusko Rampager 2B
10 Count the Coins Collect 25 Copper Coin from Aurelian Spirit 2250xp Tusko Rampager 3A
10 Naughty Snake Go to Bushes near Ruined Garrison
Click on Bush to summon Runny Serpent
Kill Runny Serpent mini-boss
2250xp unknown item
10 Lurking Coin Go to Rocks near Gracefall
Click on Bush to summon Lurking Aurelian
Kill Lurking Aurelian mini-boss
2250xp Heavenly Horse 3A
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