Crypt Of Hunters

Adventure Quest —> Proof of Defeat
Go to Crypt of Hunter Adventure (instance)
Collect Baahu Paw Print from Baahu Magebane
Collect Buffalero Horn from Buffalero Magistrate
Collect Blackbear Teeth from Blackbear Soverign
Deliver all items to Ziola

Adventure —> Into the Crypt of the Hunters
Kill Baahu Magebane
Kill Buffalero Magistrate
Kill Blackbear Soverign
Talk to Ziola

Training > Counterattack on the Crypt
> Crypt of the Hunters
Investigate the Crypt SW of Pokari City

Adventure —> Defeat the Buffero Sabremen
Go the Crypt of the Hunters instance
Kill 7 Buffero Sabremen
Report to Wehn

Kak'ash the Sword Keeper
Fate —> Baahu Magebane Rumor
195xp, Baahu's Letter
Get Baahu's Letter from Tosix Glownoses
Talk to Kak'ash the Sword Keeper

Traveling Monk
Adventure —> Defeat the Tigero Guards
Kill 7 Tigero Guard

Post Station Officer
Adventure —> Defeat the Bearero Guards
Kill 7 Bearero Guards

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