Monster Family Chart
Monster Family GA ++ SA + GD - - SD -
HU Humanoid BE Beastkin VE Vena HA Haunten ME Mechen
EL Elementa ME Mechen SC Scalen VE Vena FL Florax
BE Beastkin FL Florax AE Areax HU Humanoid SC Scalen
FL Florax HA Haunten EL Elementa BE Beastkin VE Vena
VE Vena EL Elementa FL Florax AE Areax HU Humanoid
ME Mechen SC Scalen HU Humanoid EL Elementa HA Haunten
HA Haunten HU Humanoid ME Mechen FL Florax AE Areax
AE Aerax VE Vena HA Haunten SC Scalen BE Beastkin
SC Scalen AE Areax BE Beastkin ME Mechen EL Elementa

GA = Great Advantage, does 2x damage
SA = Slight Advantage, does 1.5x damage
GD = Great Disadvantage, takes 2x damage
SD = Slight Disadvantage, takes 1.5 damage

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