Diplomatic Items

General Information

Diplomatic Items drop randomly from monsters.
Any Diplomatic Item can drop from any monster.
Elite mobs drop multiple Diplomatic Items.
Some monsters seem to drop some Diplomatic Items more often than other monsters.

You can also get a stack of 10 Diplomatic Items as a reward for completing Pokari Bulletin Board quests.

Stacks of 10 Diplomatic Items are needed for the Diplomatic Quest.

Diplomatic Items can be handed in to the Gaap Lands Reputation Agent for Gaap Land Reputation.
Gaap Land Reputation can be used to purchase items from Wehn.

Diplomatic Items can be stored in a Mystery Pouch.

Diplomatic Items

Tjefto Wine Bottles
Straw Hats
Cat Whiskers
Fox Tails
Dried Eyeballs
Brown Egg Shells
Empty Jars
Cat Eyes
Lucky Orbs
Pearl Necklaces
Dried Tree Boughs
Wood Stakes
Big Noses
Bunny Hats
Crawler Shells
Baseball Bats
Cloth Shoes
Patched Bags
Red Ropes
Short Antennas
Beautiful Shoes
Bamboo Scrolls
Crawler Pincers
Old Wine Bottles
Blunt Cleavers
Simple Puppets
O-type Blood
Short Hoes
Thick Glasses
Ancient Coins
Red Tongues
Pen Holders
Cute Hairpins
Sharp Claws
Fish Bones
Honey Juice
Fine Feathers
Sharp Teeth
Golden Handcuffs
Angel Masks
Tea Flavor Bags
Locked Chests
Iron Locks
Wonderful Keys
Blue Lanterns
Blue Crystals
Great Armor
Rusted Swords
Iron Belts
Toy Gifts
Chain Spears
Green Scarves
Forbidden Books
Tubes w/Blood
Crab Meat
Beautiful Dagger
Blue Bandannas
Roasting Racks
Oil Lamps
Old Books
Small Brushes
Straw Dolls
Sulfory Water
Spider Stones
Wine Gourds
Flare Grenades
Empty Boxes
Cloth Dolls
False Teeth
Light Orbs
Kitty Purses
Soul Bottles
Big Pearls
Curse Notes
Golden Fruit
Red Chilies

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