Shaman Skills

Level Skill Name Brief Description
1 Hammer of Tushin physical attack, base damage 1
7 Smell the Flowers health regen spell
12 Void Cap widu spell, base damage 18
16 Wise Advice passive Intelligence and Max Health increase
20 Presence of the Spirit revive a dead player
30 Miasmic Cyclone Widu Spell, base damage 62
40 Divine Inspiration temporary critstrike and critcast buff
60 Bestial Impulse passive max health increase
70 Lotus Array Widu Spell, base damage 493
80 Sanguine Rite use health to buff STR and INT
90 Ethereal Infusion temporarily buff Elemental Affinities
92 Tushin's Arrogance passive crtistrike and critcast damage increase
94 Moxi Surrender Widu Curse, STR and INT debuff
96 All in a Mouse's Night transform into a mouse
98 Cime and Punishment Widu Dual Attack
101 Swan and Lotus AOE dispel debuffs of allies

Shaman Ethyrs

Level Skill Name Brief Description
Level 80 Guardian Quest Totem Stomp Widu spell, AOE damage
Level 35 Quest Essence Aura temporary damage reduction
Level 50 Quest Metabolic Halt Target can't eat for 3 seconds
Level 65 Quest Temple of the Soul 10 seconds of invincibility
Level 75 Quest Violet Malevolence removes immunities to Sleep and Stun
Level 85 Quest Aggressive Edge AOE taunt

Common Skills

Level Skill Name Brief Description
15 Sprint run buff
20 Nature - Essence passive Elemental Affinity buff
91 Celestial - Duty passive speed and mount speed increase
96 Saintly - Vanguard passive flight speed increase
99 Immortal - Freedom passive Affinity increase
101 Starchild - Everlasting passive bonus to vigor regeneration
102 Astral - Traveler Dispel all negative status ailments
103 True - Harmony passive damage and magic damage reduction
104 Soul - Nourish Life temporarily transfer all STR to INT and become invulnrable for 3 seconds
105 Being - ? ?
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