Rogue Skills

Level Skill Name Brief Description
1 Misty Fist Physical Attack, base damage 2
7 Snarling Strike Oora Spell, base damage 13
12 Inner Mounting Flame passive Strength and max Health increase
16 Vicious Wish temporary Critstrike and Critcast damage buff
20 Wolf Sprint temporary movement speed buff
30 Blade of the Crimson Lotus Oora Spell, base damage 73 plus chance to Blind
40 Soulcrack Moonfist Oora Spell, base damage 243
60 Dust in the Wind Become invisible
70 Vile Blessing Oora Curse, DOT
80 Netheryn Bloodkiss add chance to poison when attacking
90 Glaive of Ill Will Oora Spell, attack plus chance to Silence
92 Fellblade Chisel passive critstrike and critcast chance increase
94 Way of the Soul Tyrant temporary immunity to Sleep and Stun, Oora Affinity buff
96 Instant Thunder Oora Curse, chance to put target to Sleep
98 Golden Mean Oora Dual Attack
101 Blessed Samsara Become invisible, speed buff, remove movement debuffs

Rogue Ethyrs

Level Skill Name Brief Description
Level 3 Scoutcraft Quest Void Cleavs AOE attack
Level 35 Quest Shady Blade Oora spell, base damage 435
Level 50 Quest Bloodmoon's Eve AOE Oora Silenced
Level 65 Quest Kinetic Blast Oora Spell, base damage 450 plus chance of Sleep
Level 75 QAuest Vilewind Bloow Oora Triple Attack
Level 85 Quest The Abyss chance to Blind target

Common Skills

Level Skill Name Brief Description
15 Sprint run buff
20 Nature - Essence passive Elemental Affinity buff
91 Celestial - Duty passive speed and mount speed increase
96 Saintly - Vanguard passive flight speed increase
99 Immortal - Freedom passive Affinity increase
101 Starchild - Everlasting passive bonus to vigor regeneration
102 Astral - Traveler Dispel all negative status ailments
103 True - Harmony passive damage and magic damage reduction
104 Soul - Nourish Life temporarily transfer all STR to INT and become invulnrable for 3 seconds
105 Being - ? ?
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