Dragoon Skills

Level Skill Name Brief Description
1 Banewind Gust physical attack with base damage of 2
7 Void Bubble temporary max health buff
12 Bengal Heart passive strength and max health buff
16 Liger Skitt erda spell with base damage of 26
20 Sleep Monkey, Sleep erda spell, base damage 27 with chance of Sleep
30 Burning Spear erda spell, base damage 86
40 Snow Tiger Assault erda spell, base damage 179
60 Everwood Infusion reduces physical damage by 55% for 30 seconds
70 Enrage buffs critstrike damage for caster and friends for 90 seconds
80 Bloodance Growl temporarily buffs max health and defense
90 Soul Tremor AOE strength and intelligence debuff
92 Phoenix Stature passive buff to defense and resistance
94 Beastgod Swagger attack buff with Beastgod's curse (reduces healing)
96 Tenacious Defender Defense and Erda Affinity self-buff
98 Overlord Slaughter Erda dual attack
101 Violet Scale use max health to summon a dragon

Dragoon Class Ethyrs

Level Ethyr Name Brief Description
Level 3 Quest Wrath Maul erda spell, AOE attack
Level 35 Quest Phoenix Talon erda spell, Direct damage + DOT
Level 35 Quest Ghostwhisper Provoke
Level 50 Quest Dragonseal erda curse, AOE attack
Level 65 Quest Void Dragon temporary attack power buff
Level 75 Quest Annihilate a three part Erda attack
Level 85 Quest Slaughter Wave erda curse, removes all buffs from target

Common Skills

Level Skill Name Brief Description
15 Sprint run buff
20 Nature - Essence passive Elemental Affinity buff
91 Celestial - Duty passive speed and mount speed increase
96 Saintly - Vanguard passive flight speed increase
99 Immortal - Freedom passive Affinity increase
101 Starchild - Everlasting passive bonus to vigor regeneration
102 Astral - Traveler Dispel all negative status ailments
103 True - Harmony passive damage and magic damage reduction
104 Soul - Nourish Life temporarily transfer all STR to INT and become invulnrable for 3 seconds
105 Being - ? ?
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