Conjurer Skills

Level Skill Name Brief Description
1 Kindle Kite Physical Attack, base damage 1
7 Snore Stork Pyr Curse, chance of Stupefying target
12 Embernado Pyra Spell, base damage 21
16 Pheno Barrier temporarily absorb physical damage
20 Static Stork Unda Spell, base damage 59
30 Phoenix Flare Pyra Spell, base damage 141 plus chance to Ensnare target
40 Kylai's Kiss Unda Spell, base damage 119, chance to Freeze target
60 Icy Meditation remove debuffs, blocks damage
70 Glacial Wrath Unda Spell, AOE attack, chance of Freezing targets
80 Reef Fizz Absorb Unda damage
90 Conjure Ethershard summon Ethershard to buff INT
92 Lucky Luck passive INT and resistance increase
94 Fleece Charm Unda Curse, turn target into a lamb
98 Eternal Law temporarily buff resistance and critcast chance
98 Double Dragon Smash Unda Dual Attack
101 Phoenix and Lotus temporarily absorb fire damage, buff Pyr Affinity

Conjurer Ethyrs

Level Skill Name Brief Description
Level 3 Arcanecraft Quest Shiver Gust AOE attack
Level 35 Quest Ethereal Embrace Use mana to absorb damage
Level 50 Quest Day of Reckoning Pyra Spell, AOE attack
Level 65 Quest Primordial Shell temporarily buff magic resistance
Level 75 Quest Scalen Gush Pyra Spell, AOE attack
Level 85 Quest Invoke the Spirit temporarily buff INT

Common Skills

Level Skill Name Brief Description
15 Sprint run buff
20 Nature - Essence passive Elemental Affinity buff
91 Celestial - Duty passive speed and mount speed increase
96 Saintly - Vanguard passive flight speed increase
99 Immortal - Freedom passive Affinity increase
101 Starchild - Everlasting passive bonus to vigor regeneration
102 Astral - Traveler Dispel all negative status ailments
103 True - Harmony passive damage and magic damage reduction
104 Soul - Nourish Life temporarily transfer all STR to INT and become invulnrable for 3 seconds
105 Being - ? ?
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